September 18, 2013

Introduction to Adobe Presenter 8

Adobe Presenter 8 (AP8) is a tool for enhancing presentations and creating e-learning content. Starting with a PowerPoint presentation, you can quickly create web-friendly content that includes slides with audio narration, interactive quizzing, and video. It can be used to make presentations more engaging, accessible and understandable for learners and can help provide a richer experience for both attending and distance learners.

Once AP8 is installed, all of its functions are reached using the new tab named ‘Adobe Presenter’ at the top of the PowerPoint window.

Adobe Presenter ribbon

After enhancing your presentation (with audio, quiz, video etc.), Adobe Presenter’s enables you to publish your PowerPoint format ready for upload to Blackboard or exported as PDF documents for other methods of delivery.

For those familiar with PowerPoint already, learning how to make and publish rich multimedia presentations in Adobe Presenter is only a small step. Continue reading